Our friend, Ada, made the social media remark: “Tis the season for the phrase ‘wintry mix’.”

To which Julie commented: “Is that a cocktail? I think it should be! Bartender, I’ll have the wintry mix, on the rocks!”

This banter was fresh in my mind on the day of our holiday party for some of the neighbors. When we host a party, I try to create a new cocktail just for the occasion and this year’s was going to include the delicious cranberry nectar that I’d been enjoying. Having done a fair amount of bartending along the way, I was able to zero in on just the right proportions of the key ingredients so as to strike a balance of tart and sweet (fruity sweet, not sugary).

I dubbed the cocktail, the “Portland Wintry Mix” (of course).

Portland Wintry Mix

  • 1½ shot Vodka
  • ½ shot Cointreau (or other orange liqueur)
  • 1 lime wedge, squeezed
  • Cranberry Nectar to fill the glass

  • Build the drink in an ice-filled cocktail glass. Mix by vigorously pouring everything, ice and all, from the glass into a cocktail shaker and back into the glass.

As the party proceeded, the guests were drinking the Portland Wintry Mix as fast as I could build them… until the cranberry nectar ran dry.

(To be continued)