There tends to be a certain amount of carry-over from a person’s work life to their personal life. For example, it seems to me that people who are organized at work are more likely to be organized in the kitchen. In that same way, because of my food production and lab experience, I’ve gotten in the habit of weighing my ingredients while cooking rather than measuring them.

For anyone wondering exactly what I mean: I have a little kitchen scale that I use to weigh as many of my ingredients as I can rather than pouring them into measuring cups then into the mix.

Kitchen Scales image

The main reason is that a cup of flour, for example, can have different weights depending on how tightly packed it is.

By weighing the ingredients, the results are more consistent and I have a better handle on the whole process. Another advantage of weighing everything is that I can place the mixing bowl on the scale and weigh ingredients directly into the bowl and avoid having to clean out another measuring cup. Liquids can be done the same way as there’s a “liquid” setting on most scales.

So… Save yourself a little work. Improve your cooking results. Weigh your ingredients.