It’s the dream of many talented home cooks and food service professionals: take a favorite culinary creation and develop it into a successful retail product. Friends and family all agree, “You should sell this in stores!” and the vision of your product flying off shelves and into shopping carts is firmly fixed in your mind.

But how does one go from the idea of producing and selling food products to actually operating a food business? How does one learn about all the necessary elements such as food safety, government regulations, large-scale production, and working with distributors? One particularly effective way to gain the knowledge required is the Getting Your Recipe To Market program offered through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Portland, Oregon hosted by Portland Community College (PCC).

Getting Your Recipe To Market is an intensive 14-week course that’s packed with the information everyone needs to produce a commercial-ready food product. This program removes the mystery of how to thrive in the food industry by bringing in experts from all corners of the business and letting you hear it directly from those who know. Participants in the program also receive many hours of one-on-one coaching to identify “next steps” and remove barriers to success.

As a business advisor for the SBDC, I’ve seen firsthand how the material that is presented week after week helps transform aspiring food enthusiasts into genuine food entrepreneurs who have a serious shot at running a profitable business. As an instructor for several of the classroom sessions, I try to provide as much practical information as I can on how to effectively manage financial and non-financial information. My goal is to help each participant grow their operation into an ongoing, prosperous food business.

If you are interested in learning about Getting Your Recipe To Market or getting information about when the next one gets underway, you can contact Food Methods or visit the PCC website.