In my previous two posts, I talked about the reasons I hear most often for why people running food businesses don’t calculate their product costs on an item-by-item basis.

I disagree with people who say they don’t have time, it’s their accountant’s job, or their business is too small to monitor their product costs. For such an important business activity as product cost management, these reasons simply don’t ring true.

However, when people say that the complexity of calculating product costs can be daunting, I have been known to agree… until now.

Because I believe so strongly in the importance of knowing one’s product costs, I created, the online costing system that’s actually easy to use. provides food processors, beverage makers, restaurant operators, and caterers with valuable insight into all of their product costs so they can make better business decisions. The information provides can help you manage costs, identify savings opportunities, and set your prices at profitable levels. And it’s a web application so there’s no software to install and it’s available anywhere there’s a browser and an Internet connection 24/7.

Running a food business is hard. The hours are long, competition is tough, and the margins are very tight. I meet a lot of people who have delicious recipes and brilliant concepts. Their willingness to share their food ideas with the world is wonderful. And it saddens me to see great food entrepreneurs go out of business because they can’t earn a living doing what they love.

That’s the reason I created – to help people in the food business earn a better living.